ive been using Dr. Bronner’s for the last 2 years or so, and ive used the almond, hemp, lavender, and (primarily) tea tree varieties, but i just tried the peppermint.

fucking hell… i dont even know what sort of sensation that is; exhilarating seems like a lame understatement…. more like rubbing my head with icey-hot in an arctic tundra with ice cold water to lather.

even now, 10 min after im out and dried, my head is tingling, no, pulsating, with icey cold freshness. mmmm feels good on baby dreads… wish id known how good this type was for my first set.

  1. byethisblogisdead said: I use a shampoo with peppermint oil in it too, I was so pleasantly surprised the first time I tried it hahah! Plus you smell like a candy cane :)
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    i want some someday. shes convinced me lol.
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